Orfordness Lighthouse Trust
Orfordness Lighthouse Trust

Welcome to Orfordness Lighthouse

Threatened by coastal erosion, this iconic building is at great risk of falling into the sea. Now in the hands of the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust, we are committed to keeping this much loved monument standing for as long as possible and to preserve its legacy after that.

New Visit Dates!

Monday 2nd May (Bank Holiday Monday)

Sunday 22nd May

Sunday 26th June

Sunday 24th July


We hope to announce further dates and events in addition to these as we go along so don't fret if you can't make any of the above! However, this will be the final summer we will be able to open the Lighthouse to visitors so don't put off your visit. 


Please let us know if you are coming by emailing us at Orfordnesslighthouse@gmail.com. Please be aware that we may have to cap numbers if it gets crazy. 


Find all the information for your visit here

After the Storms...

Thank you for all the kind enquiries on how the Lighthouse has been faring in recent bad weather. Luckily the worst of Storm Katie did not coincide with High Tide so the Lighthouse escaped further damage that day. However it was hit badly by a sneaky un-named gale a few weeks previously which has undermined the bungalow & uncovered the Victorian water-tanks.

It is clear that without the extra defences put in place in January the damage would have been considerably worse and we would not have been able to open the Lighthouse to visitors this year. The Lighthouse is now standing on its own promontory- the beach line to the North and South is now inland of the structure.

After considerable research into the options we have to accept that it is not going to be possible to maintain the safety of Orfordness Lighthouse where it is beyond 2016. The £10K raised by you means we can open it to visitors this summer so your assistance has made a huge difference in allowing people to enjoy this very special landmark

We are looking into options to extract and preserve the artifacts and see how we can raise the money required to partially rebuild it in another position on the Ness or elsewhere. These plans are still in formulation so we'll keep you updated.

We'll be announcing the first Visit Date this week so watch this space. The Lighthouse remains completely safe to enter- come and enjoy it while you can.

The January 2016 Works


Orfordness Lighthouse Trust works with Regardless to deliver visitors to the Lighthouse across the River Ore. Regardless offer wonderful river trips down the river Ore- a fantastic opportunity to take in local wildlife & history from the water. Check out their website here

Orfordness Lighthouse Trust

Since being decommissioned in 2013 Orfordness Lighthouse has been in the hands of the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust. Find out more about us and why we need your support.

History of the Lighthouse

Find out more about the history of the Lighthouse and its place on our coast, including a small insight into Life at the Lighthouse for keepers and their familes.



Art & The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse has inspired many an artist... Submit your art work for our gallery...

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