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Orfordness Lighthouse needs friends. It needs people to care about its existence and to support it, to help the Orfordness Lighthouse Trust keep it standing and keep it open for as long as possible.


You can become a Friend of Orfordness Lighthouse simply by making a donation. All funds donated are put towards preserving the structure of the Lighthouse and to cover essential running costs.


You may well donate when you when you visit. We'll give you a badge only given to visitors and friends. We'd love it if you could spread the word of our work and encourage others to support.


The Lighthouse also needs volunteers to provide hands on help. There is high demand for visits which need people to man them. We also need hands for events and hands to help maintain the fabric of the building. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


You can also support by helping us raise funds through your own event. Whether you want to hold an event at the Lighthouse or create something with Orfordness Lighthouse as your inspiration, we'd be glad to help where we can.


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